Plate 1 – Assembly Tips –

Assembly tips – Plate 1 –
1) The sheets ref 11+11a, board 1, are mounted as on the board, i.e. the joint ref 23 fitted on the folds of the sheet and blocked by cobbler rivets in small round holes, towards the outside and the oblong adjustment holes inwards.

The 9 stainless steel prisoners with their steel cages are to be welded into the saloon gutters from above.

Sheets 11 and 11a, sheet 1 are to be bent and flattened under the gutters and screwed from below through the gutters into the 9 prisoners plus 2 which are on the small gutter extenders-wideners ref 8 + 8a, sheet 1.

The role of these plates is to provide horizontal sealing inside the rear fenders. We can loosen the screws and push the 2 sheets as far out as possible.

The 2 rubber lips of the seals ref 23, plate 1 (rear wing travel seals) must press firmly against the inside of the rear wings.

Its 2 sheets are under the gutters therefore also under the rear shells and it is necessary to position the prisoners according to the location of the oblong holes, keeping in mind that it is necessary to ensure a sufficient offset towards the outside so that the seal comes into contact with the wings.

2) Ref 10+10a, board 1; these are the mud flaps, they seal the rear fenders. just in front of the wheels.

They also bear the chair joint, ref 23, plate 1, interlocked and riveted; it must also bear against the inside of the rear wings. but this time vertically.

They are screwed to the remaining piece of the rear foot. (elongated holes) and in the upper part under the last prisoner of gutter extensions ref8 and 8a, plate 1.

Here too, it must be possible to move them far enough outwards so that the 2 lips of the seat joint are resting against the inside of the rear fenders.

It will be important to pass the anti-gravel on these plates well because they receive the projections of the wheels which can expose the metal leaving the field open to corrosion.

3) The sheet ref 15, board 1 is positioned as on the board; the pointed side upwards, the same for striker door ref 22 on sheet metal ref 15.

A strip of sheet metal is added to make the connection in the lower part (ref16, board 1). If we install the skin ar. (top photo page 43) we understand where the sheet is welded, ref 15, because it makes the connection with the butt tip; ref36, board2.

4) The ‘Z’ plates, 12 and 12a, plate 1 are welded on top of the wheel arches, the rear trunk spring attachment lug. forward, inner side.

At the tightest point, 15mm set back from the edge of the ar skin gutter. Sheets 12 and 12a, board 1 are to be extended forward by reinforcing sheets ref 21 and 21a, board 1.

A small piece of gasket ref 23 being originally fitted on ref 21 and 21a.

We must keep in mind that the trunk springs, ref 6 and 6a, board 1 must work very slightly at an angle so the sheets ref 12 and 12a must follow the inside edge of the wheel arch without deviating from it, if not they will work across, so wrong !!!

5) Refs 23 and 23a, board 2 (panels under the door) are the running boards, they are bolted against the longitudinal members and their oblong holes allow them to be adjusted in height.

The wide part is on the front with the small round holes on the outside. (They receive the long wand « policeman’s hat »).

They are also held on the front (for good rigidity) by an ‘L’ bracket, (for us in stainless steel) which is taken from the lowest fixing of the door hinges. They are to be painted in the color of the body and to « Blaxonner » on the inside.

6) The rear wing tie rods. are screwed on one side on the bracket which is welded behind the small spoiler at the bottom of the wing and on the other on the body.

The « U » has to be down or the shit can stay in there and rot. The oblong hole allows you to pull more or less on the fin to prevent the wing from vibrating, but also to hold the wing apart in the case of the 21 IE (wide rims at the rear).

7) The small square plates go under the beams against the longitudinal members below the old location of the center pillar of the saloon and make the connection between the front part and the rear part. outer body reinforcements, ref 4 and 4a, board 7. (On the board they are in one piece but in fact because of the beam, they are delivered in 2 pieces with this small square of sheet metal under the beam) We cork these small squares and we make 2 weld beads for the link to parts av. and ar. reinforcements.

8) I remain at your disposal for further questions.

Ivan Fillaud.

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