Plate 3 – Assembly advice : Cover

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Ref 21+21A, Pole support legs –  Plate 3 Hood.-

On original hood mechanism…

… the positioning and fixing of the arch locks –

The connection between the cowl stretcher and the cowl spoiler… A welded sheet metal triangle is missing here which consolidates the connection between the spoiler and the stretcher.

There too, a small triangle of welded sheet metal is missing, useful for strengthening this connection.

the small triangle attached to…

an original piece that served as a model

The piece welded and painted, the whole is reinforced!

The part in place, passenger side…

Driver side


Do not forget to fit the rollover return springs.

Replace the green drain pipes with those provided by the club!

Correct assembly of the return spring and exhaust pipes provided by the Club.

Adjust the small cowling woodwork to the thickness of the corner strips.

Here it has not been done! The dressed woodwork is extra thick!

Here, the correct assembly of the woodwork.

Never glue the wooden sticks, because they must be dressed during the manufacture of the cowling.

Attention, too many screws… only half and the seat sliders are not compliant!

At the saddler, who dresses the whole thing.

Roll bar trim and assembly seen from the rear

Mounting the bag to « Krapock » (stuffing straw) left.

Convertible top in place.

Convertible top in place.

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