History and presentation

History and presentation


– July 1, 93 THE GREAT ADVENTURE begins with the purchase of the remains of a factory convertible n° 4-272-086 US export model from 1964.
– 1 year and a half of work and 6 months of copying have made it possible to resurrect this magnificent convertible and to design the minimum means to reproduce “factory” convertibles.
– August 95 is the presentation of the Ivanoff 1 at the ICCCR in Clermont Ferrand (magnificent event).
– March 98, after 4 years of argument and a very thick file, I finally have the agreement in principle of the national direction of mines (DRIRE) for the transformation into a DS convertible.
– The Ivanoff 2 was approved on this occasion.
– The agreement is based on the existing PVs obtained by Citroën at the time for the Chapron workshop. It only involves the transformation of the bodywork-upholstery, cabriolet accessories, excluding any mechanical or hydraulic transformation; the convertible must therefore correspond in all respects to the model of its saloon or station wagon base.
– Unfortunately the reports found in the national archives and those sent to us by members only concern DS 19 BH and BM and ID 19, until August 31, 65 and DS 21 BH carburetor, ID/DS 21 BM carburetor and DS 21 IE in BM and BH from this date until the end of production; to date we have no period document (descriptive mine type, crossed out in red) for the ID/DS 20, DS 23 and DS 23 IE yet built by Chapron…
– So for France only these 8 models can be approved.
– For export it depends on the legislation of the country concerned (for example no problem for England or Holland).
– We hope that a future European standardization will make it possible to produce all models of the ID and DS in convertible for any country of the community (the transformation and safety being the same whatever the model…)
– The Ivanoff Club is in fact the organizer (volunteer promoter) of the transformation; he implements 6 trades one after the other and negotiates packages with competent and enthusiastic professionals for the various operations leading to a complete, well-finished and original-compliant « CAB DS ».
– Until 2002, the “IVANOFF” team made up of 5 to 6 people linked by passion had no official structure or support.
– With the creation of the « DS CLUB IVANOFF INTERNATIONAL » on August 13, 2002, the sustainability of our action started 30 years ago is assured.

– The year 2003 saw the resumption of IVANOFF activities by the Club; and several objectives were achieved despite the low contributions received.
– Production of rear wing travel rubber seals Ref. 23, board 1
– Production of stainless steel moldings for the interior folds of door sills Ref. 9, board 9.
– Acquisition of 17 new original sheet metal elements for the future Club Exhibition Hall.
– In the year 2004: We obtained the agreement of the person in charge of “Automobile Citroën” concerned to remanufacture the hydro box steering collar 62-68 (Reference Citroën DJ or DX 822-63).
We financed the high pressure injection mold (it weighs 250 kg) and received 2 prototypes.
An assembly test carried out in Finistère (29) by a very esteemed member of our Club (Mr. Philippe BOUGUENNEC) was technically successful.
Only aesthetic details remained to be resolved, we received the final prototype in 2005 and gave our consent for production, which was only finally available at the end of April 2010.
We negotiated the purchase of the wreckage of the original DS21BH 67 cabriolet n° 4-376-109 which had been lying for many years in BOUTIGNY-Sur-ESSONNE (91).
Philippe took charge for himself of the “resurrection” of this highly sought-after original (vintage 67 semi-auto, 77 units made).
– From the end of 2004 to mid-2010, we had an unfinished website which, in addition to starting to make us known on the net, served as an electronic mailbox (7,823 visits in 4 and a half years…) We thank Guillaume for this valuable volunteer work.
– Mid-2010, we entrusted an enthusiastic professional (toobeziers.com) with the creation and maintenance of the new club website. Thus was born www.cab-ds-ivanoff.com.
– A few months after the commissioning of the new site, the employee of Toobézier.com who was in charge and who had recruited us as a client (Mr. Remi ALCINA) was dismissed. There followed a long period where neither site updates nor automatic member recognition were carried out, despite our protests.
– Between April 2012 and 2015, we had 3 webmasters, one was discouraged by the inertia of “Toobesier.com” and the other specialized in a field different from ours…
The last will surely help us permanently since it is Mr. Remi ALCINA himself, now retired but still passionate about cars and very grateful to the DS which saved his life during an accident (see article on the site). « Histoire courte de la DS 20 du webmaster« .

– I remind you that the annual fee is 83 €uros that it aims to provide the Club with resources, but that it also gives advantages linked to the membership card:
– Technical information on “FACTORY” convertibles,
– Priority on “finds” made during the year, wrecks of original convertibles, original spare parts, rare period accessories (HARD-TOP, ROBORGEL hubcaps, radio etc.),
– Work packages at Club prices with competent and experienced professionals (bodywork, painting, upholstery, soft top, electricity, mechanics, hydraulics, adjustments and maintenance),
– Information and advice on the best known professionals,
– The new catalogue which arrives as soon as it is published, at the end of February, in your mailbox,
– And at least one letter per year giving you detailed news of the Club’s activity.
– After updating the file, we now have 1720 people in contact with the Club, spread over 31 countries.
Until 2006 we left everyone free to join the Club or not; but at the end of the year, noting that at least a hundred Citroën funs have taken advantage of the Club’s services, while we have less than 30 registrations, we decided to be more rigorous.
So in order to protect ourselves from a reminder from the tax authorities and following the advice of an important French Automobile Club, we will only serve holders of a membership card, valid at the time of the request. .
– So advice to amateurs.
– I remind you of the foundation of the Club :
– Safeguarding and promoting the world heritage of ID/DS by restoring original convertibles and building new convertibles conforming to the original “factory” type in order to circulate the elegance of this marvellous model as much as possible.
– I am still sorry to point out that the steps taken with Automobile Citroën came up against the hurdle of the bodybuilder relations manager, who, without criticizing our transformations, did not want to give us the support of our favourite brand. …
– Our letter of 02.06.06 to President SATINET having never received an answer, we place all our hopes in his successors, to whom we were thinking of writing…
– In 2011, on the advice of a Citroën fun from Angevin, we wrote to Michelin who, according to him, would still hold the rights to the ID/DS, but to date we have received no response.
– In the meantime, our French approvals still depend on the continuity of support from the National Service of the DRIRE.
PS: For all this time, we have postponed the reminder letter to Automobile CITROËN (a lot of lack of time and a little discouragement…)


– 1993 Production of rear units and doors.
– 1994 Production of hood buckles, rear wing skids and brass reflector holdersolid chrome.
– 1995 Production of old and new model sun visor supports, hood mechanisms, body reinforcements
and connecting plates.
– 1996 Production of seat rockers 60-62 and 63-68 and purchase of the trunk mold.
– 1997 Production of rear wing indicators in solid chromed brass, Export monogram,
and « GH » 56/67 and 68/75 bonnet arrows.
– 1998 Production of cowling seals and engraved stainless steel, step, riser and door bottom.
– 1999 Production of stainless steel for the top of the window and the lowering of the window and the
aluminium strips for the top of the window and spoiler.
– 2000 Production of beltline moldings on the front fender, rocker trims seat covers and rear bumpers.
– 2001 Production of top bay seals and aluminium cowling profiles Ref. 2 and 17 plate 3.
– 2002 Production of door strips Ref. 2 and 8 board 9 of seat rockers 69-75 and door foot seals Ref. 4
plate 3.
– 2003 Production of the rear wing travel joint Ref. 23, plate 1 and door strips Ref. 9 plate 9.
– 2004 Adaptation of Citroën seat belts (with reels) on the 3 points anchorage noted on an original from
1970 in Paris (thanks to him!)
– 2005 Production of seals for Marshal shell light bases, small and large models.
– 2006 Production of right and left Chapron 63-67 wing crests (in chromed solid brass).
– 2007 Mass production of fixing plates for exterior stainless steel strips.
Serial production of exterior door strips, ref. 5, 5A, 30 and 30 A, plate 2.
– 2008 Production of seat belt anchors, high points thanks to the loan of originals from a Jura member
(thanks to him).
– 2009 Production of door strikers, chrome, PALLAS 64-71 D and G.
– Production of the small rubber nose for the 63/67 front bumper.
– 2010 Production of the BH and BM 62-68 steering collar in chrome zamak.
Production of pilot lugs with seals for ID/DS from 1956 to 1962.
– 2011 Production of the special cabriolet long lip gray windscreen seal.
– 2012 Development and production of the 3rd stop light (from a sax stop light)
– 2013 Manufacture of rubber seals for the heels of wooden stocks.
Manufacture of shark nose closing plates 63-67.
Manufacture of the small sheet against the height selector.
Manufacture of the wooden support of the Chapron cove
– 2014 Manufacture of Hard-Top window seals.
Mass production of strips Ref 32+32A board 2.
Manufacture of Hard Top rear windows.
Production of the spoiler handle Ref. 14, plate 3.
– 2015 Manufacture of stainless steel rods under the edge of the hard-top.
Stainless steel manufacture of small seat belt hangers.
– 2016 Identical manufacture of seat locks ref.7+7A, board 5.
– 2017 Manufacture of metal rear mounting lugs for hard-tops.
– 2018 Manufacture of model panels, exteriors of convertible doors.
– 2019 Manufacture of ID/DS 66-75 stainless steel central silencers.
– 2020 Manufacture of the edge lamp glass 60-67.
– 2021 Mass production of the old model sun visor support.

– 2022 Manufacture of the left side exterior door panel andManufacture of ID/DS 63/65 stainless steel central silencers.



The construction of an Ivanoff from A to Z with all its finishes currently requires 1 500 hours of work and 6 different trades (excluding transport, excluding accessory manufacturing time and excluding restoration of the saloon base).
The construction of IVANOFF 5 – 6 and 7 highlighted the importance of the cost of finishes and the length of the works.
We always try to limit the downtime between the speakers, and to leave on a very healthy saloon basis that does not require long and expensive restoration work; it is clear that this type of base is becoming rarer and more expensive every year.
The manufacturing time (from order to delivery) for a classic Ivanoff is extended to 16 months, including 3 months of research from the base sedan to the vintage you want, due to the semi-retirement of our Polish coachbuilder and the Low speed of his successor.
The complete kit is all the parts needed to build an ID/DS convertible. Its composition varies somewhat depending on the model year.

Description Spécific Complete
Complete kit 60-65 (Pages 45 to 49) specimen 41732 € 55637 €
Complete kit 66-67 48340€ 56034 €
Complete kit 68 49296 € 56653 €
Complete kit 69 42551 € 56098 €
Complete kit 70-71 42224 € 55130 €
Complete kit 72-75 42570 € 55912 €

Additional prices for options (with installation included) :

For CHAPRON wing crest on front wing from 09/62 to 08/67 (400+50) cimiers d’ailes CHAPRON + 450 €
For Alpaca soft top (colour) capote en Alpaga + 450 €
For additional Porche model optics (495 + 180) optique Porsche (45+180) + 630 €
For additional optics Marchal Standard shell lights (480 + 180) feux obus Marchal  + 675 €
For additional optics for large model shell lights (580 + 180) feux obus grand modèle + 760 €
For a blue, white, red or green leather interior  intérieur en cuir couleur + 450 €
For the complete interior trim option for the engine cover (392+233 )habillage intérieur capot moteur + 625 €
For a new Jaeger sport board (62-67) with probe and adapter (2300 + 1010) tableau de bord Jaeger neuf + 3310 €
For a new Jaeger sport board (68-69) with probe and adapter (2150 + 1010)  tableau de bord Jaeger neuf + 3160 €
For the standard exchange meter 70/75 with water temperature (330+45) + 375 €
For underskirt lights (in the shark nose) (500+202 feux sous jupe + 702 €
For LHM hydraulics (green) on model prior to 1967 (systematic) hydraulique LHM + 848 €
For the pair of new small model headrests in black leather appuie-tête petit modèle  + 480 €
For the pair of new bull headrests in black leather appuie-tête taureau + 690 €
For the new pair of Chapron headrests in black leather  appuie-tête Chapron + 812 €
For the new central armrest in black leather accoudoir central + 400 €
For the reconditioned vinyl steering wheel option (210+160) + 370 €
For the leather-wrapped foam steering wheel option in standard exchange (330+160) + 490 €
For windshield, windows and green tinted mica on model before 1972 + 258 €
For LPG (with 80 l tank) GPL (avec réservoir 80 l) + 3300 €
For US export models without supplement modèles Export US + 0 €
For trailer coupling option in the paint of the car (180+212) attelage de remorque + 392 €
For “Harmonica” 3rd brake light option (350+75)  3ème feux stop harmonica + 425 €
For option 4 chrome Robergel wire wheels (new condition) 4 roues à rayons Robergel chromées + 6000 €
For complete stainless steel exhaust line (1320 + 160) ligne d’échappement complète en inox + 1480 €
For standard replacement 5-stage motor with 1 year warranty (5600+850) + 6450 €
For standard replacement 3-stage motor with 1 year warranty (6200+850) + 7050 €
For locking with lock on the steering column 63-69 (135+233) + 368 €
For the leather trim of the dashboard 62-69 (530+265) habillage cuir noir sur planche de bord + 795 €
 For chrome reversing lights on model before 1972 (238+133) + 371 €
For radio pre-equipment, with Hirchman electric aerial (250 + 175) pré-équipement radio Hirchman + 425 €
For the pair of white herringbone rear mud flaps (90+65) paire de bavettes arrière à chevrons blancs + 155 €
For the small central radio console covered with carpet (170+20) petite console Radio centrale + 190 €
For the large central radio console dressed in new (530+55) grande console Radio centrale + 585 €
For front seat belt on model before October 67 (350 + 297) ceinture de sécurité avant + 647 €
For rear seat belt (245+85) + 330 €
For the Chapron jack with our wooden support (180 jack, 70 support) cric Chapron avec notre support bois + 250 €
For the tiger paw (twin-tube exhaust outlet trim) (172+10) Patte de tigre + 182 €
For the tailcoat (single-tube exhaust outlet trim) + 110 €
For the set of 4 Chapron “billiard cue” sticks (1000 + 212) 4 baguettes Chapron + 1212 €
For the Chapron finish option without facing (400+106) + 506 €
For the chassis-body treatment option in cataphoreze Traitement chassis-carrosserie en cataphorèse + 2600 €
For the Chapron finish option with stainless steel facings (1400+530) + 1930 €
For the chrome rocker cover option in standard exchange (250+32) + 282 €
For the “bonnet arrow” option (135+53) coat of arms offered + 188 €
For the option 3 small protective mats + 150 €
For the hooded fire extinguisher option (leather matching the upholstery) (155+22) Extincteur housse cuir + 177 €

Additional prices for options (with installation included):

The Club tries as far as possible to always have one or two platforms in stock in the years 67 – 68 – 69; otherwise, the search for originals to restore or good platforms to body can be requested from Ivan FILLAUD (telephone – Mobile – e mail: ivanoff@online.fr)

Specific spare parts CAB, ID/ DS conforming to origin are available from the Club.

There are possibilities to pay part of his Ivanoff in kind (a concrete advantage of the club).

– If you have DS parts that would be useful for the Club’s stock, just find an agreement on their values.
– If you have one or more negotiable ID/DS and these models are wanted by Citroën funs who are members of the Club.

– Even an incomplete sedan, if it is sound, can be an interesting base for the construction of a convertible, therefore negotiable.


It is a convertible bare of all mechanics, hydraulics, electricity, dashboard and upholstery.

This idea came to us while listening to some of you who wish to participate in the production of their convertible but who do not want to do anything with the bodywork. Bodied platforms may also be subject to partial payment in kind.

In all cases, for France, all vehicles that are not made from A to Z by the contractors approved by the Club, are to be passed to the mining services (receipt on an isolated basis) by their owners (with the elements provided by us for their records).


To find out the price of a bodied platform, simply add the assembly package to the body part of the kit for your vintage and the price of your base sedan.
Example :

Base sedan DS 21 BH 68 7.500 €
Bodywork CAB 68 20.396 €
Assembly fee 10.152 €
Total cost bodied platform 38.048 €


DS 21 BH 68 sedan base 7.500 €
Complete kit 68 56.653 €
Assembly fee* 10.152 €
Painting and refitting package 10.574 €
Blaxophony and anti-gravel package 530 €
Flat rate front/rear half-trains and transmissions 2.270 €
Mechanical refitting (removal, cleaning, painting, refitting) 8.369 €
Hydraulic package 2.618 €
Electricity package 1.411 €
“Stainless steel exhaust line” option 1.480 €
Upholstery integral package 3.741 €
Engine bonnet trim package (392+233) 625 €
Covering package 5.462 €
Road test package (1000 km) 1.022 €
TOTAL 112.407 €

* The details of the packages are indicated after the off-boards in the spare parts catalogue.


The price listed here for a healthy base DS21BH 68 sedan may seem high but in reality,it is weak because:
– The vintage is highly sought after, as is the model;
– The absence of major chassis restoration work is very rare.
– And the bodywork in perfect condition too!
We do not hide the fact that the price of this type of base continues to rise.


It is important to distinguish the cost of converting to a convertible from the cost of restoring the base sedan.
Indeed, the restoration of the chassis, hydraulics and mechanics or electricity is the same for a break, a sedan or a convertible, its cost depends on the starting state but also on the degree of restoration. that we want to achieve.
Some owners will be quite content with the starting state of their base sedan if it has passed the technical inspection.
Others who have the will and the budget will have everything dismantled down to the smallest bolt and renovate everything and deal with technologies that were not even used at the time.
Between these 2 extremes there is room for completely acceptable intermediate solutions.

Whatever the solution chosen, we are able to implement it for you on a voluntary basis.



1960-1961 (From September 1, 1959 to August 31, 61) DS 19

(Fabulous drawing by Flaminio BERTONI)

cabcit-usine-6062This is the nose of the DS,

with the double-blade bumper without any bumper either front or rear (or optionally the big bumpers from the props « SACREB »). This vintage has air intake grilles on the top of the front fenders (like General de Gaulle’s DS which suffered the PETIT CLAMART attack), except on the IDs which keep the fenders of the 59 vintage.
In Citroën jargon, we say « ashtray wings » because these grids can make you think of public ashtrays…The dashboard is very « futuristic » with large chevrons on the glove box door for the 61 vintage.
The 3-stage motor is directly derived from Traction, and the hydraulics run on red LHS² liquid (corrosive) or possibly silicone (neutral) or “DOT 5.1”.
The wheels are centrally bolted with 400 tires (165 Michelin X at the front and 155 Michelin X at the rear)
A red plastic lug at the end of each of the front fenders informs you of the lighting of the pilot lights.
The stainless steel wipers make « Bravo » on the windshield (they cross each other).
The upholstery is very smooth and very bare, front seat with pull tab.

1962 (From September 1, 1961 to August 31, 1962) DS 19
Identical to the previous vintage, except for the appearance of the 1st “Vague” dashboard; so called because it has the shape.
All external elements in polished aluminium are replaced by stainless steel.
The « JAEGER » accessories specialist has provided a very nice « SPORT » panel for this dashboard

1963-1964 (From September 1, 62 to August 31, 64) DS 19
(the 2nd and last drawing by Flaminio BERTONI)


cabcit-usine-6367His is the 2nd nose,

with the « BANANE » bumpers at the front and the rectangular bumpers at the rear.
The « ashtrays » have disappeared and are replaced by an air intake under the headlights. (A specialist has provided a pretty little crescent-shaped stainless steel grill to prevent insects and road spray from entering through this air intake; this accessory is called “HUMMINGBIRD”).
The pilot lugs have also disappeared.
The wheels are always with central nut.
The wipers always do BRAVO (until July 31, 64).
3 bearing motor, red or silicone hydraulics or DOT 5.1.
The upholstery is still the same, very « poor », a bit ID style…

1965 (From September 1, 64 to August 31, 65) DS 19
This is the last year of wheels with central nut with all the same the appearance of XAS in 400 (asymmetrical profile) almost impossible to find today.
The wipers are parallel and will remain so until the end of ID/DS production.
The hydraulics are always red or silicone or DOT 5.1.

1966 (From October 1, 65 to August 31, 66) DS 21
The upholstery adopts the double stitching and generous pleats of the Pallas finish…
It’s still the 2nd nose but under the hood it’s the modern DS 21 engine with 5 bearings, and the wheels have definitely gone to 5 TOCS with 380 tires providing better road holding (180/15/XAS at front and 155 X 15 XAS at the rear).

1967 (From September 1, 66 to August 31, 67) DS 21
It is the most sought-after model in the range (even as a sedan). The only significant change compared to 66, the hydraulics are in green liquid, mineral « LHM », non-corrosive, lubricant, ensuring perfect reliability.
(Today we know how to recondition old ID/DS models at the LHM).

1968 (From September 1, 67 to August 31, 68) DS 21

cabcit-usine-6875This is the 3rd nose, with the fenders with directional lights and the bumper with “Defence” bumpers.
We officially owe this last nose of the DS to Mr. Robert OPRON, who subsequently designed the SM and the CX with his team, but according to an employee in the Citroën « design » office in office at that time, he would have finalized a drawing by BERTONI.
Electricity gets the 1st alternator because until then the DS were equipped with dynamos.
This model is the 2nd of the most sought after because it retains all the interior charms of the 67 with already the most modern look of the DS on the outside.

1969 (From September 1, 68 to August 31, 69) DS 21
Differences in compare to 68:
– This is the last year of the attractive “WAVE” dashboard, but it has a black grille instead of aluminium, rectangular push buttons, different drawers and it is associated with black vermiculated sheets.
– It is the appearance of the first front seats with wheels replacing the pull-cord system, apart from this detail, the upholstery remains the same.
– The new seat tilting system has a Pallas booster seat for the driver; before it only existed as an option and it will remain so for the passenger.

1970-1971 (From September 1, 69 to August 31, 71) DS 21 and DS 21 IE
This is the appearance of the so-called “3-COUNTER” dashboard, which is much less appreciated than the “WAVE”
The wipers, always parallel, are no longer stainless steel but simply black.
The pretty CHAPRON dashboard lamp is replaced by a plastic CITROËN lamp.

1972-1975 (from September 1, 71 to August 31, 75) DS 21 and DS 21 IE
The protruding push-button exterior door handles are replaced by recessed flat handles.
The modern foam steering wheel replaces the classic shiny black vinyl-wrapped steering wheel.
The warning and reversing lights appear.This is the most modern look of the DS convertible.